Metal fabricators and tube-and-pipe producers must manage material costs and improve product yields in order to maximize their investments, and they must establish process efficiency in order to maintain their competitive standing. Most important, they must maintain product quality to improve their profitability, and acquire and keep customers.

Invisual E. Inc., a company that develops equipment, software, and process technologies for fabricating and manufacturing operations, offers a new, in-process, real-time thermal scanning system as a tool for weld inspection and monitoring for continuous or batch processes.

Invisual E. Inc describes itself as a company “dedicated to advancements of quality, efficiency, and capabilities for manufacturing … A technology firm that works with OEMs, integrators, and manufacturers to build brands, expand markets, grow revenues.” Its Thermal Profile System (TPS) uses the thermal distribution of the heat-affected zone to detect irregularities of the thermal field during solidification of the welded seam. It is suitable for all welding processes and has been engineered for the welding environment and ingress protection.

Among its advantages are that it gives welding operators and plant managers real-time visibility into the conditions of the weld. It alerts them to weld defects and irregularities, or process anomalies, in time to address them before further losses are accrued.

Operations employing the Invisual E TPS note a net reduction in material waste and increases in product quality. They also gain the benefits of complete product traceability or production audit data.

The TPS can be integrated with existing mill process lines or welding production equipment, and features I/O signaling, alarm generation, and production tags to identify errors and trends. Among the errors it identifies are off-seam welds, porosity, burn-through, lack of fusion, cold spots (pasty weld), lack of penetration, energy input fluctuations, material variances, hot cracking, and asymmetric welding.