The Power Wave 355 Ar-cLink power source with power feed 10M wirefeeder features push-pull aluminum-MIG capabilities. The unit tackles stick, TIG, MIG, Synergic-MIG, pulsed, and flux-cored welding as well as arc gouging. It also features the firm's Ar-cLink digital-communication protocol for seamless, time-critical integration of the power source and networked equipment.

The power source is rated 350 amp, 34 V at 60% duty cycle and is factory programmed with over 60 standard waveform control-welding programs. The programs, which allow operators to select the right wave shape for numerous applications, are optimized for a specific wire type and size. This delivers specific arc characteristics for smooth performance under a variety of conditions. Programs are available for stick, TIG, MIG, pulsed, and pulse-on-pulse for aluminum.

Lincoln Electric Co.