Linde Gases has installed a central gas-supply system at a research lab used for chemical engineering and chemical separation technology at Finland’s Lappeenranta University of Technology. The system will deliver argon, propane, and other research gases to more than 400 stations in a five-story building that houses several research laboratories. It will be used to conduct research into welding technology for metals, and chemical and separation technology sciences for the process industries.

The value of the installation has not been released, though Linde said it will be the largest centralized gas management system of its type in Finland. The Linde Gases division of The Linde Group supplies compressed, bulk, specialty and medical gases for industry worldwide.

LUT’s system is based on Linde’s Redline series, which uses gas-supply control panels to reduce high primary pressure in cylinders to manageable secondary pressure. The panels work with point-of-use equipment to maintain stable gas pressure at each workstation. Redline is part of HiQ’s specialty gases products range. The group also develops specialty gas regulators, calibration gas mixtures, portable specialty gases solutions, fine chemical, high-purity and VOC calibration gases, and pharmaceutical grade gases.

A primary advantage of the Redline system is that it significantly reduces the need to handle and place large, heavy cylinders. In addition, gas-supply systems reduce the need to have potentially dangerous gases housed in work areas, and reduce the potential for gas contamination.

Linde said its LUT installation will be a reference site for similar projects in Scandinavia and the Baltic states.

“This is an important contract for Linde, not only in Finland, but also across the Nordic region,” according to Stephen Harrison, who heads Specialty Gases and Specialty Equipment for Linde Gases. “Lappeenranta University of Technology has invested heavily in their new laboratory facilities and it is testament to both our technology leadership in the area of managing the transportation of high purity gases and to our design and engineering capabilities, that Lappeenranta awarded us this project.”

LUT laboratory manager Eero Kaipainen called the Linde system “an elegant solution of quality gases, equipment, project design and installation, services, and maintenance for the coming years.”