Thermal Arc is introducing a new series of portable DC welding machines with welding power ranging from 95 to 200 amps for a range of industrial and other uses. The supplier calls the Portable DC Welder series its “most versatile line of equipment to date.”

“These products allow you a complete range of stick or TIG jobs at an incomparable value,” according to Pete Anderson, product manager for Thermadyne’s Thermal Arc brand. “The Thermal Arc Portable Welder Series have greater versatility and Amperage range than anything else on the market in their price range.”

The series builds on the 95S machine introduced in 2009, and it includes the 95S, 161S, 161STL, and 201TS. Thermal Arc explains that all the models are provided with advanced operating features, more welding output power, and multi-Voltage input power with the capability of hooking up to either 115 or 230-Volt single-phase power outlets. It recommends the Portable DC Welder series for use by hobbyists, farmers and ranchers, educators, maintenance and repair workers, light industrial operations, stainless and sanitary pipe fabricators, petrochemical fabricators, shipboard repair workers, and other one-site welding operators.

The Thermal Arc 95S Portable DC Welder is an affordable, easy-to-use machine for producing high quality welds at home, in the garage, or for work in the field. It is recommended for use by beginners, do-it-yourselfers, and home hobbyists. The 95S is the only product in its class with stick and lift TIG capabilities, and it is capable of delivering 95 Amps of power on standard 115-Volt circuits.

The unit is offered in a stick-welding version, or in a combination stick/TIG-welding package. The 10-lb. inverter welding power source is portable, so users will be able to address a wide range of light maintenance and repair jobs, and some light fabrication.

For basic DC stick and lift TIG welding Thermal Arc offers the 161S Portable DC Welder. It provides a greater range of output for the advanced hobbyist, or for light industrial projects, and it will deliver 110 Amps on standard 115-Volt circuits for stick and TIG welding. On 230-Volt circuits, maximum output is 160 Amps for either welding process.

This welder has optimized hot start and arc-force circuits built into the power supply, so it provides optimal arc starting and arc control while stick welding, and this feature also can prevent some welding electrodes from sticking. The 161S is available in two standard packages: a stick welding package, and a combination stick/TIG welding package.

Thermal Arc’s 161STL Portable DC Welder is designed to provide better control and arc performance for more demanding DC stick and lift TIG welding jobs. It’s capable of delivering 110 Amps on standard 115-Volt circuits for stick welding, and 160 Amps for TIG. When used on 230-Volt circuits maximum output is 160 Amps for either welding process.

The 161STL includes optimized hot start and user-adjustable arc-force circuits, which improve arc starting and arc control during stick welding and can prevent some welding electrodes from sticking. For better control when DC Lift TIG welding, the 161STL includes a trigger hold function (2T / 4T), down-slope timers, a gas solenoid for flow-through gas, and the ability to use torch switches or a foot control. Also included is a TIG torch with an integrated Amperage control dial and on/off switch, enhancing welding control.

The Thermal Arc 201TS Portable DC Welder is best for tradesmen or more experienced welders. It’s a heavy-duty design that provides increased control with superior arc performance for highly demanding DC stick and TIG welding jobs. The 201TS is powerful while still compact, and provides a maximum output of 200 Amps for either welding process when used on 230 circuits.