WITT-Gasetechnik GmbH is making available an e-mail-based monitoring function for its process gas-mixing devices that are outfitted with the “GasControl” analysis module. The capability is available as an add-on option for all devices of the current WITT-Gasetechnik series, and makes quality control inspection available with virtually any web-capable computer, mobile device or cell phone.

The transferred log file in plain text or csv document is compact, so it requires very little disk space or transfer time. A daily data log for continuous quality documentation can be automatically sent to one or more several recipients. The data can be accessed from the WITT-Gasetechnik data network via an Ethernet interface, and the “open” log data can be consolidated and processed in any spreadsheet.

For computers running Windows software, there is a WITT software option, “Web Visio”, that allows the gas control devices to be remote-controlled through any web browser. Access rights on several user levels provide a high degree of security: users can change the settings to determine who can have access to the data or control the system. This configuration ensures maximum productivity and flexibility.

The WITT solution is also available for use in hazardous environments, where remote control and monitoring are particularly important.