Dave Barton

Senior Welding Engineer,
Lincoln Electric

Dave Barton is a senior welding engineer in the Application Engineering Group of The Lincoln Electric Co. He oversees welding procedure development for both new technology and existing products, performs failure analyses for customers, and serves as a consultant on welding application problems. Barton has been with Lincoln Electric for 21 years. Send your questions for Mr. Barton in care of WDF by e-mail to: askdav@penton.com.

Correct Electrode Selection is Key to Welding Out of Position
I am a welding instructor at the local technical college and have been welding for 30+ years. As part of the shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) courses, we teach welding with E309L stick electrodes in all positions
Welding zirconium requires care and attention
I would like to know what steps I need to take to properly weld zirconium, and what gas to use, pure argon or helium gas?
Welding 4130 Steel to T1
Q: Is it possible to weld AISI 4130 to ASTM A514 (commonly called T1) material? If so, what would be the appropriate stick electrode? I have always tried
Fixing an unacceptable weld
Q: If a weld between two pieces of steel is deemed unacceptable, is it acceptable to grind both pieces of steel flush and reapply the weld? More to the
Joining Copper to Steel
Q: We need to join a -in. piece of copper to a 1-in. piece of steel. We prefer to use gas metal arc welding, and would like to know the correct filler
Welding 40-year old bridge bearings
Q: Do you have any information the weldability of ASTM A148- 65 (80-50). This material was used in castings for bridge bearings for a bridge constructed
Eliminating porosity in Al welds
Q: I am having considerable problems with unacceptable amounts of porosity in my welds. I am using 75/25 argon helium mix, 5356, 3/64 in. wire on 5086
Welding ASTM487 Casting Materials
Q: What shielded metal arc welding electrode should I use to weld ASTM A487 Grade 6 Class A material? Can you give any suggestions regarding precautions
Storing welding rods correctly in an oven
Q: I am in my fifth year of teaching, and have yet to get a straight answer to my question: I store my E7018 rods in a rod oven. They are the only rods
Selecting filler metal for flue pipe
Please provide your recommendation on whether to use weld filler metal 16-8-2 or ER308H on stainless steel flue gas pipe made of ASTM A240-304H, and used
Putting an end to rust when carbon and stainless steels react
We are requesting your assistance in resolving a rust problem that we are experiencing with one of our stainless steel fabricated products. Our wet electrostatic
Annealing and quenching needed to weld CD4MCu stainless steel
We are looking for compatible weld filler to repair CD4MCu stainless steel casting. The welding process we are using is GTAW. Can you offer any guidance?The
Brighten your stainless welds
We are using gas tungsten arc welding to join 320 stainless steel, 0.070 in. thick sheetmetal with 316L filler material. The weld looks grainy, sort of
Deburring removes welding line
We are welding 6061-T6 to 6061-T6 pipe with an extended land-joint geometry, using ER5356 filler, GTAW process, and AC current. The operator is finding
Questions and Answers
I will be welding aluminum 5052 to 6061-T6 and 6061-T6 to 6061-T6, using 5356 and 4043 filler metals. I am a designer and am concerned with the mechanical

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