A nano-tech materials processor is setting up a new operation to house advanced metal-fusion cladding lines and thermal spray coating cells. MesoCoat Inc. will occupy the 10,000-ft2 plant in Eastlake, Ohio, early next year, where it will install a 600-kW fusion-cladding arc lamp system, reportedly one of the most powerful arc lamps ever manufactured. The finished products are materials and components coated for corrosion-resistance.

No information was released about the cost of the new plant, nor of the equipment or technology suppliers involved in the project. It will be in production during the first quarter of 2012.

MesoCoat already operates two plants and has a third one under construction to start in January 2012. The latest project will be its fourth. It will clad plates and parts used for oil-and-gas exploration, mining, and shipbuilding. Also, it will perform thermal-spray coating of parts for oil-and-gas and mining equipment.

The company’s proprietary CermaClad technology is a high-energy, fusion-cladding process involving a focused arc of up to 3,500 W. MesoCoat states this arc creates a focused ‘mini-sun’ capable of melting stainless steel or other coating, instantly bonding it to the substrate.

The 600-kW arc lamp that will power the process was acquired under a joint development agreement with an unnamed “multi-national heavy equipment manufacturer,” with which it is developing wear- and corrosion-resistant cladding for equipment and components.

MesoCoat CEO Andrew Sherman explained: “We have been using 200-kW arc lamp systems to produce metallurgically clad qualification samples, and the results so far have been excellent. Now, with this 600-kW arc lamp system we are certain that we can not only achieve even better results, but also rapidly scale-up our production efforts.”

The company’s thermal spray coating technology combines oxygen with a fuel gas (e.g., hydrogen, propane, propylene or kerosene) in a combustion chamber, to expand by-products and expel them through an outlet to a substrate surface.

MesoCoat Inc. is a subsidiary of Abakan Inc., a public company with investments in “transformational technologies on the cusp of commercial acceptance.”